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Vincent Sheheen Touts His Competitiveness



S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen’s campaign is touting a new report in The Washington Post which ostensibly highlights the vulnerability of incumbent “Republican” Nikki Haley in next year’s gubernatorial election.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Washington Post ranked the 2014 gubernatorial races across the nation in order of competitiveness,” an email from Sheheen’s campaign reads. “And for a change, South Carolina was in the top ten, at #7! It’s a striking recognition of the damage Nikki Haley has done to South Carolina. It’s a clear signal of how broken Columbia has become under her administration. And, most of all, it’s a sign that brighter days are ahead. People across the country recognize that South Carolina is ready for a change.”

Ah, “change …”

Never heard a politician promise that before, have you?

Anyway, the Post‘s analysis isn’t good for Haley …

“Democrats are surprisingly optimistic about the re-run candidacy of Vincent Sheheen against Gov. Nikki Haley (R) despite the clear GOP lean of the Palmetto State,” the paper notes. “Haley won with an unimpressive 51 percent against Sheheen in 2010 and has struggled mightily in her first term. Sheheen will get more attention (and likely money) from national Democrats this time around but Haley and her team know they are in for a fight.”

Unlike Haley, Sheheen had a good legislative session – although we maintain that South Carolina will be worse off as a result of his “success.”

Nonetheless he passed his top legislative priority, the expansion of government-run early childhood education (which is the centerpiece of U.S. President Barack Obama’s education agenda).

How did this $26 million measure – which expands a program that has been a proven failure in South Carolina (and across the country) – ever make it through a “Republican-controlled” General Assembly and a “GOP” governor in the so-called “reddest state in America?”

Good question …

But the passage of this plan remains a political “win” for Sheheen, which will contrast favorably for him in the left-leaning mainstream media when stacked up against Haley’s third straight year of getting virtually nothing done legislatively.

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