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SC Anti-Pot Nazis Strike Again



Frank Peters of Bluffton, S.C. is 66 years old. According to the paper of record in his neck of the woods, his wife of forty years suffers from a variety of chronic ailments – and has discovered through experimentation that smoking marijuana relieves her pain and improves her appetite.

So Peters has done what any loving husband would do, provide his wife with what she needs to enjoy a more comfortable, fulfilling existence.

Specifically, Peters has been growing marijuana in his back yard to provide his wife with pain relief. His neighbors know about it, and they don’t care – but two weeks ago somebody ratted Peters out, prompting the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office to raid his property and seize more than 130 plants. Not only that, the local cops charged Peters with “narcotics trafficking.”

Sheesh …

Our new associate opinion editor Amy Lazenby recently wrote about the biased, wasteful and ineffective policing of pot – and this website has argued consistently in favor of its legalization (most recently here).

Stories like this are precisely why …

Frank Peters has done absolutely nothing wrong – in fact he’s done something to benefit a loved one without hurting anyone else in the process – yet his government has decided to classify him as a criminal.¬†That is a prima facie usurpation of individual liberty … one undertaken absent any compelling reason.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, marijuana should be 100 percent legal – to plant, grow, harvest, sell and consume. In fact in the hypothetical benevolent dictatorship of our founding editor, it would be.


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