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SC Senate Leaders Comment On Ethics Reform



Columbia, SC-May 2, 2013- Senate leaders today issued the following statement on the House-passed ethics reform bill that was today assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“Time is of the essence, and we appreciate the House’s passage of the bill so that we can consider it and get it passed before the end of the session,” Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler said. “The House bill represents a start, and we are committed to a strong ethics bill being passed by the Senate.”

“The House bill represents a solid step toward ethics reform, but there is still room for improvement,” said Senator Wes Hayes. “We need to make sure this bill is as strong as possible and has the teeth it needs to give our citizens confidence in the system.”

“We plan to move quickly on this bill in order to get it on the floor for consideration,” said Senate Judiciary Chairman Larry Martin. “Addressing ethics reform is something that we have to get right when the opportunity arises, because we won’t get another bite at this apple. Half measures won’t cut it.”


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