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Government schools in South Carolina are making structural renovations in an effort to improve “sight lines” and “visual access” to entranceways in the wake of the fatal school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut earlier this month.

How many schools are making these renovations?  And how much will these projects cost taxpayers?

It’s unclear … the only information we’ve been able to obtain at this stage has been purely anecdotal.  We know that one Midlands, S.C. government school is knocking out brick walls and installing “large glass windows” in its main office during the Christmas break so that its staff can keep a closer eye on the main entrance to the facility.  That obviously isn’t cheap.

Similar renovations at schools in other districts across the state are also reportedly in the works.

Will any of these contemplated renovations make any of these government schools any safer?  No clue.  What we do know is that South Carolina’s worst-in-the-nation education system certainly has plenty of money laying around to cover these costs – meaning state lawmakers shouldn’t feel pressured to pour any more new money into their coffers next year.