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“Bits Of Lace?”




U.S. Rep. Tim Scott’s emergence as a frontrunner in the race to replace U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint has revived interest in “Bits Of Lace” – an upscale Charleston, S.C. lingerie store.

Wait … huh?

What on earth are we talking about?

And why is it that every South Carolina political story somehow has its roots in ladies’ unmentionables?

“Bits of Lace” is a store managed by Zee Patel, a stunning Indian-American hottie who is rumored to be Scott’s love interest.  Prior to April of this year few outside of Charleston, S.C. knew of Patel’s existence.  That changed, however, when she accompanied Scott to the exclusive Cloister resort on Georgia’s Sea Island for a three-day junket sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute.

Zee Patel

Scott had to report the expense, which prompted speculation as to whether he was still the “40-year-old” virgin he previously claimed to be.

Scott admitted he wasn’t – but claimed he was still opposed to the notion of premarital sex.

“At the end of the day, the Bible is very clear: abstinence until marriage. Not to do so is a sin,” Scott told The National Journal.

So … are Patel and Scott lovers?

It’s not clear.  The notoriously private lawmaker has referred to Patel only as a “close family friend.”  Even those closest to 47-year-old Congressman say they don’t have a clue as to his romantic proclivities.

He has been seen with her on numerous occasions – and hired her in 2010 to serve as a staffer on his congressional transition team.

Obviously who Scott is having sex with (if he’s having sex with anyone) has no bearing on his qualifications to be a U.S. Senator.  All that matters in our book is whether he would (a) vote in a manner consistent with the best interests of American taxpayers and (b) call out those who vote in a manner inconsistent with those interests.

And on those counts, the jury is out …

Anyway, “Bits of Lace” made headlines several years ago when former S.C. Rep. Wallace Scarborough (RINO-Charleston) shopped there for a gift for his mistress (now wife), former S.C. Sen. Catherine Ceips.  To its credit, the store is a high-end boutique – boasting lingerie lines from Lise Charmel, Eres, Aubade, and La Perla.


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