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About That SC Workforce …




When this website was still in its infancy five years ago, we wrote a story about a jobs announcement in Orangeburg, S.C. that referenced how South Carolina workers were “skilled at stacking boxes for minimum wage.”

The more things change, right?

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley was in Orangeburg, S.C. earlier this week to promote the “South Carolina Certified Work Ready Community Initiative,” another one of those “Government Knows Best” initiatives that command economic planners like to create in an effort to make it look like they’re doing something on “economic development.”

You know … besides bribing companies with your tax dollars.

Anyway, at Haley’s big press conference the CEO of Cox Industries, Inc., Michael Johnson, strode to the podium and offered this doozy of a quote about the current status of South Carolina’s workforce …

Sometimes it can take us months to hire a simple position and it shouldn’t be that way.

Ha!  No it shouldn’t, man.  No it shouldn’t …

Talk about an embarrassing quote to read if you’re a company thinking about doing business in the Palmetto State.  Hell, that’s almost as embarrassing as this (but not quite as embarrassing as this).

It’s also why we have to bribe companies to come here …

Of course when your state has the worst education system in America (despite record funding increases) – and a governor who has done absolutely nothing to try and fix it – what do you expect?  Building a better workforce has NOTHING to do with government planning and everything to do with having smarter citizens.  And that starts with market-based education reform …