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Barack Obama’s Neighborhood Engineering




|| By FITSNEWS || Troubling reports out of Washington, D.C. reveal the latest effort by the administration of Barack Obama to forcibly mold America into some sort of post-racial utopia.  It’s called the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule, and it would enable Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to mandate the construction of low income housing in high-rent neighborhoods.

Why?  Because according to the Obama administration black people are incapable of upwardly mobilizing themselves to live in upscale neighborhoods and white people are … well, the devil.

“HUD is working with communities across the country to fulfill the promise of equal opportunity for all,” a HUD spokeswoman told The Hill. “The proposed policy seeks to break down barriers to access to opportunity in communities supported by HUD funds.”


Obama has been an unmitigated disaster for black Americans – failing to advance their mobility in any way, shape or form.  But it’s all good because he’s now vowing to build housing projects in the middle of ritzy, predominantly white neighborhoods … which should do the trick.

We wonder … will this policy go both ways?

In other words, does Obama support forcibly relocating white trailer trash into upscale black communities like Uniondale and Hillcrest (both in New York)?  Or Baldwin Hills (a.k.a. “Black Beverly Hills”) California?  Or the Washington, D.C. suburb of Fort Washington, Maryland?

This should go without saying but government has no business whatsoever being involved in neighborhood engineering.  People should where they want – or at least where they can afford to live.

And maybe if government stopped ass-raping the wallets and pocketbooks of people of all races trying to make a living, more of them could live in better neighborhoods …