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“Mr. Health Care” Leaves Obama Admin



Anton Gunn – the former S.C. lawmaker-turned-Obamacare bureaucrat who christened himself “Mr. Health Care” – is stepping down from his post with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

“I’m just playing a different position on the field,” the former University of South Carolina football player told reporter Corey Hutchins. “I did a lot of blocking and tackling for the last three and a half years for the administration and now I’m trying to change positions because I think I can run the ball a lot faster than some of the people we got as running backs, so I’m just taking that opportunity.”

Hmmmm …

We challenged Gunn two months ago to answer some simple questions related to the socialized medicine debacle he’s been “blocking and tackling” for over the past three-and-half years …

Questions like … whatever happened to Barack Obama’s “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it” promise? And what about Obama’s promise of lower premiums?  We also asked Gunn to explain how Obamacare was consistent with the president’s promise not to raise taxes on individuals making less than $250,000 a year?

Finally, we asked Gunn to tell us why taxpayers spent more than $1 billion on a health care website that doesn’t work.

Gunn never responded to our questions … but his resignation speaks volumes as to the answers, doesn’t it?

We think so …

Gunn did answer Hutchins’ questions about the botched website, telling the reporter “you have to develop some serenity about it, which is change the things you can and accept anything that you can’t control.”

Ah yes … “serenity now!”

Of course we’re sure “serenity’ is a lot easier to come by for hacks like Gunn than it is for the rest of us …

One other interesting item to note in Hutchins’ article about Gunn? The fact he’s staying in Washington, D.C. – not coming back to South Carolina. While Gunn told Hutchins he wasn’t “closing any doors” on the Palmetto State, he needed to focus on his “entrepreneurial” goals.

And South Carolina is clearly no place to do that …