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Alan Wilson Sitting Pretty For Reelection



S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson is likely a shoo-in for reelection in 2014. In fact the first term statewide official may not even have Democratic opposition next November …

Democratic sources tell FITS they are unaware of any prospective challenger to the 39-year-old incumbent, while Republicans tell us Wilson is going to put up an impressive fundraising number next month.

“He’s going to have a solid second quarter number,” one source told us, referring to the campaign finance filing period ending June 30. “And I’m told his third quarter will be even better.”

This website was harshly critical of Wilson when he ran for the Attorney General’s office in 2010. We’ve never been fans of his father – U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson – and we viewed him as some sort of “fortunate son” seeking to continue his family’s glad-handing, big-spending “Republican in Name Only” tradition.

On most counts, though, Wilson has proved us wrong …

His high-level prosecution of corrupt former S.C. Lt. Governor Ken Ard showed he was willing to dole out justice evenly – regardless of party affiliation (obviously the same cannot be said for the legislative branch of government). He’s also represented South Carolina well in court as it relates to several high-profile issues with the federal government – and been an advocated for aggressive enforcement of the state’s ethics laws.

Wilson has had a few stumbles, though, most notably his political organization’s botching of several campaign contributions tied to his 2011 inauguration.

All in all, though, Wilson has had a solid first term in office – avoiding major scandals, carefully cultivating his GOP base and endearing himself to independent voters. Barring any unforeseen developments, look for Democrats to give him a pass in 2014 as they focus their energy on unseating Nikki Haley.