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Exclusive: Neo-Confederate Firm Raking In Money From State Ports Authority




Last month we published a story in which our sources alleged the S.C. State Ports Authority (SCSPA) was paying tens of thousands of dollars each year to the neo-Confederate political consulting empire of “Republican” advisor Richard Quinn.

Quinn, of course, is the father of S.C. Rep. Rick Quinn – an influential politician who has supported hundreds of millions of dollars worth of questionable port expenses (and voted on behalf of budgets containing these expenditures).

Last week, this website filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in an effort to determine just how much money has flowed from the agency into this neo-Confederate empire.

Well guess what … it looks like the “tens of thousands of dollars a year” estimate provided by our sources was a dramatic understatement.  Based on the records we received in response to our FOIA, it appears as though Quinn’s firm – First Impressions, Inc. – has received a whopping $2.1 million from the SCSPA over the last six years.

Take a look …

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scspa 1

scspa 2

scspa 3

scspa 4

(Caps via FOIA)

Not only that, a joint venture created by Quinn and another “Republican” political consultant in Columbia, S.C. has hauled in an additional $325,000 from the agency – most of it during the fall of last year.

Take a look …

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scspa 5

(Caps via FOIA)

Unbelievable …

Our guess is this information will figure prominently in the agency’s upcoming legislative audit – as well as its annual oversight meeting with state lawmakers.

The SCSPA has been touting big gains in its traffic this year, although as this website has pointed out those numbers aren’t as impressive as they sound.  Additionally, the agency has been blasted for dragging its feet on a long-overdue public-private project in Jasper County, overstating the benefits of a government-run dredging project in Charleston and effectively bribing the most powerful politician in the state.

Not a good year …