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Jenny Horne Addresses Gay Pride Rally




S.C. Rep. Jenny Horne became the first GOP state lawmaker ever to speak at a gay pride event this week – laying down another ideological marker in her bid to win a seat in the U.S. Congress.

“I want you to know that I support equality,” Horne told a crowd in Columbia, S.C.

The fourth-term state lawmaker is running against former S.C. governor Mark Sanford for the Palmetto State’s first congressional district – a seat Sanford won in a special election in 2013.

The district is anchored by the historic, socially progressive city of Charleston, S.C., where an openly gay candidate is currently one of the frontrunners in the race for mayor.

Once a reliably pro-freedom, pro-free market vote, Sanford has veered wildly to the left on fiscal issues since returning to the U.S. Congress two years ago.  His latest betrayal?  Joining fellow so-called “conservative” lawmakers in embracing liberal U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as the next “Republican” Speaker of the U.S. House.

Sanford was a two-term governor and likely 2012 presidential candidate – but his career was undone by an extramarital affair (and subsequent meltdown).  In fact the chronically narcissistic lawmaker continues to struggle when it comes to oversharing about his personal life.

Horne?  She’s a longtime fiscal liberal best known for her tearful (and factually challenged) address on the floor of the S.C. House of Representatives during the debate over the Confederate flag.

She has represented S.C. House District 94 (which includes parts of Charleston and Dorchester counties) since 2009.

Will her overture to the gay community work?

We’ll have to see …