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On the day they finally got a credible alternative to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, several South Carolina Republicans took advantage of their newfound freedom of political choice …

“It is time for people to stand up and fight against the special interests, corporations and the military industrial complex,” Charleston County GOP executive committeeman Billy Hall wrote on his Facebook page. “It’s time to change Washington! As of today, I will be resigning my position as Executive Committeeman to support Thomas Ravenel for the U.S. Senate!”

Hall wasn’t alone. ¬†Daniel Encarnacion, former director of the South Carolina Republican Liberty Caucus, also signaled his support for Ravenel.

“After a lot of thoughtful consideration and after discovering very few reasons even from proponents of Lindsey Graham to re-elect him, I’ve decided to oppose his re-election and urge you to do the same and consider an alternative — Thomas Ravenel,” Encarnacion wrote on his Facebook page. ¬†“I’m a lifelong Republican who believes in liberty, free markets, and personal freedom and Ravenel is totally in sync with those views.”

Hall and Encarnacion joined GOP grassroots leaders like Chris Lawton and Kaaren Mann who have already come out in support of Ravenel.

Expect more to follow suit …