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About Pat McKinney’s God Awful TV Advertisement …




Earlier this week we made fun of wealthy Lowcountry developer Pat McKinney for the “absolutely terrible” television advertisement he’s running in his bid for lieutenant governor of South Carolina.

Missed his spot? CLICK HERE. It’s worth a laugh …

As are the candidate’s “crazy eyes.”

Anyway, it wasn’t long after we published our article that our network of sources sprang into action with some more information on the advertisement – namely the political consultant who was responsible for it.

According to our sources, the McKinney ad was produced by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s longtime consultant Jon Lerner – which probably explains its positive mention of the incumbent “Republican” and her efforts to bring jobs to South Carolina.

You know, this effort …

McKinney is seeking the GOP lieutenant gubernatorial nomination against former S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster and businessman Mike Campbell (son of former S.C. Gov. Carroll Campbell). Fiscal moderate Bakari Sellers – a fourth-term state lawmaker from Bamberg, S.C. – is running for the post as a Democrat.