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We’ve been publishing success stories about South Carolina’s new parental choice program … and once again there’s good news to report in the fight to empower Palmetto students with market-based reforms.

St. John’s Catholic School in North Charleston – which has run a successful special needs program for several decades – is the latest recipient of a scholarship from the Palmetto State’s new special needs choice program (established in last year’s state budget).

S.C. Sen. Sean Bennett has a family connection with the parish and was on hand for the check ceremony.

St. John’s – and other faith based schools with expertise in special education- have proven capable of providing excellent instruction for a fraction of the cost of government-run schools. More importantly, the parents and grandparents who’ve enrolled children here have done it because they know school is the right match.

Which is what expanding academic opportunity is all about …

This scholarship was awarded through the St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Funding Organization (more info on that group here) Рone of three active scholarship funding organizations (SFOs) in the Palmetto State.

Want to learn more about this movement? Visit the website

Hopefully state lawmakers will continue to expand this program so that one day it will empower all Palmetto parents with market-based options for their children.