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Letter: Haley’s “Joking” Tax Relief



lettersDear Editor: Some of us were momentarily filled with joy upon seeing that our governor had proposed an income tax cut. When I first saw it I thought, “Can this be?! Is our wonderful state finally taking a measure to encourage its citizens and promote business growth?”

The joy was short-lived after reading the details.

Are our politicians so detached that they think $29 a year is actually going to help a family? I wish I could applaud her efforts, but I can’t. Not when our neighboring states are making strides in the right direction and we’re being left in the dust. Individuals and businesses are going to leave and, when given the chance to come to South Carolina, they’re going to seek other opportunities in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. Nikki Haley’s plan seems like a counter-offer to some new ideas, but all in all, it’s basically offensive and I wish she was joking.

In summary, South Carolinians are on the wrong end of a losing battle, again.


Alex Thornton
Charleston, S.C.

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