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Fire At Columbia, SC Government Building



A “small fire” broke out at a city government building in downtown Columbia, S.C. on Friday afternoon – prompting the evacuation of all employees at the facility.

The fire occurred at the City of Columbia’s 1136 Washington Street facility – which is located just off of the city’s Main Street. The building is home to numerous city offices – and handles all sorts of public interactions (including the payment of parking tickets).

A spokeswoman for the Columbia Fire Department (CFD) tells FITS the situation is “under control.”

We’re also told City of Columbia, S.C. police officers have made an arrest in the vicinity of the building – although we’re informed that law enforcement does not believe the individual they nabbed for disorderly conduct has anything to do with the fire.

“An African American man was arrested,” a witness tells us. “He was yelling and thrashing. It took several police and security (to restrain him).”

The suspect was reportedly placed in a vehicle – but then taken out and made to lie “face down on the street, while he continued yelling.”

Here are a couple of images we were provided from the scene …

fire 002

fire 001

And here’s a picture of the individual who was arrested (courtesy of @MrSeanRoper)

downtown arrest

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