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Mark Sanford’s “Bandwagon” Ad



The bandwagon technique is one of the advertising industry’s most trusted methods of persuasion. Unfamiliar with the term? Basically it boils down to this …

Everybody’s doing it, so should you!

That’s the basic theme of former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s latest ad – in which roughly a dozen voters discuss why they believe Sanford is the best choice to represent the Palmetto State’s first congressional district.

“He said no to the big spenders in Columbia,” one voter says.

“He said no to the Obama stimulus money,” another adds.

Take a look …

(Click to play)

Okay … we’ve got token black guy, token old lady, someone sort of resembling a Latino …

Hold up … why is there no Asian in this ad! Seriously … where the f*ck is the Asian in this television advertisement!

(And for that matter, where’s the Argentine!?!?!)

Kidding, kidding …

Sanford’s spot is decent, but it’s probably not going to make the same splash as the “career politician” ad one of his rivals is running against him. Haven’t seen that spot yet? Stand by …

Sanford is the frontrunner for the first congressional seat vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott. Prior to his two largely unsuccessful terms as governor, Sanford represented the first district from 1995-2001.