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Nikki Haley Challenger To Run As Independent




S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley won’t be facing a Republican primary challenger in 2014 after all …

Tom Ervin – the former circuit court judge who filed last month to run against Haley – withdrew from the June 10 GOP showdown this week. Both SCGOP and S.C. Election Commission sources confirmed to FITS that Ervin’s name will not appear on the Republican primary ballot later this spring.

That’s the good news for Haley …

The bad news? Ervin announced that he will mount a petition candidacy against Haley – meaning the wealthy Upstate attorney will have a much longer window to whittle away at the incumbent’s credibility with his sizable war chest.

He’s not wasting any time getting started, either …

“Four years ago, Nikki Haley promised us transparency and accountability when she became governor,” Ervin said in a statement accompanying his announcement. “Sadly, Governor Haley has broken those promises. Instead, Haley has delivered four years of missteps, mistakes, scandals and cover-ups – none more disturbing than the ongoing investigation of Governor Haley’s cabinet appointee and their gross negligence in failing to protect the children under their watch at DSS.”

Haley won the 2010 governor’s race over Democratic State Senator Vincent Sheheen – who is the Democratic nominee again this year. In a GOP wave election, she nearly blew a 21-point lead – winning by only four percent of the vote.

To qualify as a petition candidate for the November election, Ervin must submit 10,000 valid signatures to the S.C. Election Commission no later than July 15.