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Kershaw County Patriots Endorse Lee Bright



The Bright for Senate campaign is proud to accept the first official Tea Party group endorsement for any candidate in the upcoming US Senate primary. The upstate Senator has been strongly endorsed by the Kershaw County Patriots, a group “born out of the need to return to the foundations of our great nation,” according to a statement the KCP issued to the Bright Campaign.

A video of their endorsement can be found by clicking here.

“This is why we at the Kershaw County Patriots are endorsing Lee Bright for Senate,” proclaimed the group, adding that “Lee (Bright) has a proven record of no compromise of individual liberty. Senator Bright has been at the forefront of the battle to restore the individual rights of the people.”

“This is a great moment for our campaign” said Bright, who is gaining tremendous traction among Liberty and Tea Party voters. “The Kershaw County Patriots know what this great nation is about, and they know what threatens it. They know that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi threaten our futures, and they know that Lindsey Graham all too often works with them in these efforts. They get it, and so do I, and that’s why we are going to work together to remove Lindsey Graham from office.”

The Kershaw Patriots also emphasized in their statement that they are “Constitutionalists, not collectivists” and that the “individual rights given to us by our creator are the very foundation of our nation. In fact it is those rights that made this nation the greatest ever in the history of mankind. It is the individual, not the collective, which has made us the envy of the world.” They proudly “stand in opposition to the elite mentality of Lindsey Graham and the progressives in Congress. We are here to stand for liberty, equal justice, individual rights, and freedom from tyranny.”

Senator Bright said that he “expects this to be the first of many Tea Party groups who will join us in our campaign,” adding that “when you look at my record, and my statements, it is easy to see that the Kershaw County Patriots and Lee Bright are on the same page. We are thrilled to get the first official Tea Party endorsement, and look forward to many more.”

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