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SC Democratic Party Issues Statement On Tim Scott Appointment



The 1st Vice Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison, releases the following statement in response to the appointment of Tim Scott to the United States Senate:

We would like to congratulate Senator Tim Scott on his historic appointment to the US Senate.  We look forward to seeing Senator Scott’s decisions on legislation that will affect the people of South Carolina on a daily basis.  We need to make sure our leaders help middle class families, educate our young people and continue to make sure that healthcare is affordable and available.  Finally, in the wake of the shooting in Connecticut  we hope that Senator Scott will follow the President’s lead in realizing the necessity in developing ways to make sure the mentally ill are able to receive the correct healthcare and firearms don’t end up in the hands of dangerous individuals.

Senator Scott has a big decision to make.  Will he choose to be a statesman, fighting for the best interests of all South Carolinians or will he follow the model of Jim DeMint, allowing political ideology to trump constituent needs? Senator Scott, the South Carolina Democratic Party and the people of this great state will be watching and awaiting your decision.


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