(Dear Editor),

the way you portrayed will in your article is completely uncalled for. you blew the story way out of proportion. he is an amazing man working hard to straighten things out and articles like this do not help. putting him in the public eye even more doesn’t help either. i’m sure whoever wrote this article wether it was you or someone else cannot say that they’ve never drank or been drunk before. so before you speak on others. i’d like to ask that you evaluate yourself. imagine having your children reading articles like this about you; how would that make you feel? pretty shitty probably. so in all honesty fuck you guys for publicizing this and fuck everyone else who has. will is a great guy and didn’t deserve the judgement you’ve passed on him. i bet you thought this was a good story right? well you’re wrong. next time y’all write an article, don’t be such assholes and consider the persons family. in conclusion you guys fucking suck, you’re impetuous, and your article wasn’t as well written as it could have been.

Lillie M. Croes
Spartanburg, S.C.



Lillie, I appreciate your passionate defense of Will Merritt and respect your criticism of our coverage.  As to the substance of your message, I certainly do not claim to be holier than anyone when it comes to alcohol abuse.  I am a recovering alcoholic who has gone a little over eleven years without a drink.  In fact, in that capacity I reached out to several friends in the Clemson family after this happened to Will and offered to talk to him directly about my experience and to help him in any way I could.  That invitation still stands.  As for our coverage, I stand behind the facts as posted, the editorial decision to publish them and the manner in which we provided coverage. 



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