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Neal Collins Turns Heads On State House Floor




Republican state lawmaker Neal Collins turned heads inside the S.C. House of Representatives this week when he invited a former Planned Parenthood lobbyist to accompany him past the velvet rope and onto the floor of the House chamber.

Collins ushered ex-lobbyist Alyssa Miller into the House chamber early Thursday and walked her over to his desk – where the two “close friends” sat and chatted for several minutes.

Here’s Miller at a recent Planned Parenthood rally …

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(Cap provided)

Classy dame, huh?

Why do we care about this?   We don’t, really …

Several GOP lawmakers told us they felt the second-term lawmaker’s decision to fraternize with Miller in such a setting was inappropriate – especially given the buzz surrounding the pair from the previous legislative session.

“You know I never really had a problem with it until he decided to rub it in our faces,” one of Collins’ Upstate GOP colleagues told us.

Wait … “it?

We asked the lawmaker to elaborate on what “it’ referred to … but he declined.

For those of you keeping score at home Miller is newly married.  And Collins is robustly single.  Frankly we don’t care about any of that.   Barring the involvement of tax dollars or some display of truly egregious hypocrisy, what people do in their personal lives is really none of our business.

The freakier the better as far as we’re concerned.

But Collins’ judgment in this situation struck us as exceedingly poor … if for no other reason than it involved fraternizing with someone who supports this sort of organization.

That’s what we find troubling …

Collins, 34, has represented S.C. House District 5 (map) since 2015.  He defeated Rick Tate in GOP primary races in both 2014 and 2016, and ran unopposed in the general election in each of those years.

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