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Black Voters Are Stupid …




U.S. president Barack Obama‘s approval rating among black Americans has consistently remained above the ninety percent mark.  And his hand-picked successor – Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton – is poised to perform every bit as well among black voters.

Believe it or not, black voters backed Clinton by wider margins in the 2016 Democratic primary than they backed Obama in 2008.

Is this monolithic support well-placed?  Have black voters’ been rewarded for their unwavering devotion, unswerving loyalty and unquestioned faith in the liberal establishment?

Absolutely not.

A few years ago we ran a similarly controversial headline entitled “Barack Obama = Black On Black Crime.”  In that post, we delved into whether black Americans were better or worse off under Obama.

They weren’t then … are they now?

Absolutely not.

First, let’s dispense with the one and only metric in which blacks have allegedly “progressed” under Obama – the unemployment rate.

It is true that black unemployment on the day Obama was sworn in stood at 12.7 percent – and that today it has dipped to 8.6 percent.

Good news?  Again … absolutely not.

First of all, the unemployment rate for blacks is twice as high the unemployment rate for whites – which current stands at 4.4 percent.

Of course as we’ve repeatedly pointed out, the real employment metric to watch is labor participation – which tracks how many people have slipped out of the workforce altogether.

Black labor participation on the day Obama was sworn in stood at 63.2 percent.  Today, it has dipped all the way down to 61.3 percent according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

That’s below the white labor participation rate of 62.9 percent (which isn’t good, either).

Of the 94.5 million working age Americans who are currently out of the workforce, 12.3 million of them are black.  When Obama took office, that number was 10.3 million.

You read that right …

Under Obama, the number of blacks not participating in the labor force has soared by two million.

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When Obama took office, 25.8 percent of blacks were living in poverty, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.  As of 2014 – the latest year for which data is available – that number had climbed to 26.4 percent.

When Obama took office, real median income for a black family was $35,954.  By 2014 it had dipped to $35,398.

When Obama took office, 7.4 million black Americans were on food stamps according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  By 2014 that number had soared to 11.6 million – an increase of 58.2 percent.

When Obama took office, 46.1 percent of blacks owned homes.  During the first quarter of 2016, that percentage had dipped to 41.5, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The irony there?  A key driver of the 2008-09 recession was the trillions of dollars pumped into “affordable housing” in the aftermath of a Federal Reserve report which claimed widespread discrimination in America’s lending practices.

“Banks were told by the government to grant irresponsible loans – or else,” we noted back in September of 2008.

Clearly the government mandates didn’t work.  Nor did a wave of deficit spending that’s projected to top $10 trillion by the time Obama leaves office next January.

By virtually every key economic measure – using the government’s own data – blacks have backslid under Obama.  And the worst is likely yet to come.

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Despite this grim reality, blacks leaders continue to peddle the fiction that Obama has made life better for their people.

“Under President Obama, the nation has made great strides in stabilizing the economy,” Marc Morial of the National Urban League wrote in this year’s State of Black America report. “In eight years, America has gone from losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month to 73 consecutive months of job growth. During President Obama’s term, the private sector has added 14.4 million new jobs, and the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act is widely credited with protecting the nation from a second Great Depression.”


Morial’s own data disputes this conclusion.

According to the Urban League’s “National Equality Index,” blacks have achieved 56.2 percent equality with whites on economic issues.  In 2009, black economic equality with whites stood at 57.4 percent.

Once again … things have gotten worse.

Earlier this week we addressed a list of demands issued by the #BlackLivesMatter movement – which is solidly in the Clinton camp.  That document – which demanded “economic justice for all” and a “reconstruction of the economy” – also painted a grim picture of the current status of black America.

The real issue? Why #BlackLivesMatter felt compelled to issue such economic demands in the first place?

Clearly things are not better for blacks in America.

We realize our choice of headline for this article is likely to stoke controversy.  That was our intent.  The way we see it, all Americans need to be jarred back to reality – confronted with the cold hard math exposing the ideological bankruptcy of these big government progressives.

Of course we come from a state where black and white students are deliberately dumbed down … so we’re not holding out much hope that people are going to “get it.”

Nor will they ever “get it” so long as government institutions, big corporations and the mainstream media remain 100 percent in the tank for this failed status quo.

Until they do, though … “stupid is as stupid votes.”