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“Professor Hooters” Is On Ashley Madison




|| By FITSNEWS || One of the government email addresses linked to last week’s Ashley Madison (a.k.a. cheaters’ website) data dump is affiliated with a professor who staunchly defended the Hooters’ restaurant chain in a scholarly publication.

The email account associated with this particular professor – who we’ll refer to as “Professor Hooters” – was created with Ashley Madison in 2008.  A government IP (internet protocol) address was used to sign up for the account.  A year later, Professor Hooters published a white paper in a third-rate academic journal exonerating the chain – which features scantily clad waitresses wearing white, skin-tight tops – from claims that it exploits women.

“Everyone knows that Hooters always has and always will have people in American society that think that the Hooters brand stands for exploitation, harassment, and discriminations which are a major problem for the organization,” the report stated.

Wow … that’s a direct quote from an academic paper, people.

Gotta love “higher education” in South Carolina, right?

Anyway, here is how Professor Hooters addressed the alleged exploitation …

There is a view of Hooters held by some in society that Hooters exploits women. This is refuted on the Hooters website by the organization by stating that Hooters girls should be viewed much the same as cheerleaders and models are viewed. To view these women as being exploited for their looks ignores the fact that it takes more than just looks to be an effective server and these women have the right to use their looks to make money. Furthermore, the organization challenges other professions such as athletics where it can be pointed out that large males are exploited in the NFL for their size and ability to perform certain duties on the field due to that size. The organization flips a complete turn of the table trick on those who point toward exploitation by stating that the organization encourages advancement by the servers to levels of management and further careers within the industry.

Hold up …

“The organization flips a complete turn of the table trick?”


We’ve never seen anyone “flip a complete turn of the table trick,” but it certainly sounds like something an “anything goes” sex freak might be into … and “anything goes” is precisely the sort of sexual activity Professor Hooters listed on his Ashley Madison profile.

Nice …

As of this writing, Professor Hooters is still employed by S.C. State University (yes, the school that’s so broke it almost had its power turned off a year ago).  Will he be for much longer?  We shall see …

So far the impact of the Ashley Madison hack in South Carolina has been relatively limited, although over the weekend we were forwarded multiple tips related to Palmetto politicians, appointed officials and other high-profile individuals alleged to be affiliated with the website.

As we noted last month – when hackers first threatened to release this information – we don’t feel inclined to “out” any Ashley Madison users unless the individual in question is “wasting tax money, abusing their office or committing some sort of crime in the furtherance of their illicit liaison – or is some sort of sanctimonious ‘family values’ hypocrite.”

Obviously Professor Hooters’ apparent use of a government email address – and the use of a taxpayer-provided IP address – falls under that first category.