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Ashley Madison Hackers Release More Data




|| By FITSNEWS || The hackers who released the personal information of more than 30 million users of Ashley Madison – a.k.a. “the cheater’s website” – are at it again.  This time they’ve published a whopping 19 gigabytes of data targeting Noel Biderman – CEO of Avid Life Media, Ashley Madison’s parent company.

“Hey Noel, you can admit it’s real now,” a message accompanying the data dump stated.

Previously, Ashley Madison attempted to convince reporters the initial data dump was not legitimate.

“The (latest) dump appears to contain all of the (CEOs) business/ corporate e-mails, source code for all of their websites, mobile applications, and more,” the website TrustedSec opined.

“If there was any question to the validity of the data before – those should be removed now,” the site added.

The hackers say they want to punish Ashley Madison for lying to its customers about a so-called “full delete” feature – which ostensibly scrubbed users’ information for a $20 fee.  Last month they gave the website’s owners an ultimatum: Shut down, or else.  Avid Life Media – led by Biderman – chose to ignore this ultimatum.  Now its clients are paying the price.

The first leak contained information on 33 million Ashley Madison accounts – including user names, first names, last names, IP addresses, street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and credit card information.  Oh, and all the salacious details of the users’ sexual interests.

Within hours, the scandal had claimed its first high-profile victim.  We suspect many more names will be revealed in the days, weeks and months to come …

The goal of the second leak?  To compromise Ashley Madison’s ongoing operations (to the extent anyone is ever going to sign up for a website like this again).  Oh, and to put to bed any doubt about the legitimacy of the first leak.