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Pentagon Will Quarantine Soldiers Returning From West Africa




By FITSNEWS || The U.S. Department of Defense will impose a 21-day quarantine on soldiers returning from areas of West Africa where the deadly Ebola virus is raging.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel – one of Washington’s most outspoken warmongers – announced the new policy this week after conferring with “the communities (and) the families of our military men and women.”  Basically it takes an existing 21-day quarantine rule applying to U.S. Army soldiers returning from Liberia and Senegal and applies it to all branches of the military returning from West Africa.

“The secretary believes these initial steps are prudent, given the large number of military personnel transiting from their home base and West Africa, and the unique logistical demands and impact this deployment has on the force,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

A plan to implement the quarantine is supposed to be presented to Hagel within two weeks.

Makes sense right?  Sure …

We have no problem with this order.

What do we have a problem with?  American soldiers being stationed/ sent to West Africa in the first place.

The current Ebola outbreak is a terrible tragedy, don’t get us wrong, and it’s likely impacting far more than the 12,200 confirmed cases we know about in West Africa.  But that does not make its containment the responsibility of the American military.

In other words while we approve of these precautions … we do not approve of the mission necessitating them.