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Jay Stamper, a Democrat seeking the Senate seat currently held by Lindsey Graham, today released a campaign video urging Democrats in South Carolina to stay true to their principles and embrace President Obama’s accomplishments.

(Link to vide0 HERE).

Stamper said:

“Unfortunately, there are still people in our own state party establishment who think you have to act like a Republican to be elected as a Democrat; that we should be dictating women’s reproductive choices, telling people who they can and can’t marry, even siding with the NRA. They think that to win, we need to distance ourselves from President Obama, his positions and his accomplishments.”

“I couldn’t disagree more. I’m proud to be a Democrat. I’m proud of President Obama and what he’s accomplished. And I’m not going to spend a second of this campaign apologizing for it.”

“I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that the last thing we should be doing is abandoning our principles and throwing middle class and working families under the bus because we think it will help get us elected.”

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