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Welcome Back, Spy



“Competition … send ’em south. If they’re gonna drown, put a hose in their mouth.”

That quote is from a song called “Boom, Like That,” written and performed by former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler. It’s off his 2004 Shangri-La album and it’s based on excerpts from Grinding It Out – the “dog eat dog” autobiography of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc.

We mention the lyric as a way of welcoming blogger/ ex-government spook Charlie Speight back to the Palmetto political blogosphere.

For those of you who don’t know him, Speight was one of establishment “Republican” Gov. Nikki Haley’s biggest cheerleaders during his tenure as editor of the now-defunct blog, The Garnet Spy.  You know … what he did when he wasn’t serving as an analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Anyway, while Speight never posted with quite the same eloquence or stamina FITS readers have come to expect, it’s still nice to have him back in the game (just in time for the home stretch of Haley’s reelection campaign, incidentally).

If there’s one thing a marketplace of ideas needs it is … well, ideas.  Even crazy ones.  And while we suspect Speight’s new blog – which claims to provide “conservative commentary for the 21st Century” – will be nothing but a rehash of his old blog (i.e. incessant praise for Haley and recrimination for her enemies), there is a marketplace for that in South Carolina.



Now … should we expect Speight to explain how Haley’s status quo education plans are “conservative?” Or how her practically non-existent budget vetoes are “conservative?”

Eh …

What about Haley’s decision to support a government-run port in Georgia over a private sector facility in South Carolina – a facility that would have created tens of thousands of jobs to the Palmetto State?

Will Speight fill us in on how that decision was “conservative?”

Probably not …

Oh, and while we suspect Speight’s new blog will be chock full of regurgitated attacks against Obamacare – and effusive praise for Haley whenever she attacks Obamacare – will he address the soaring Medicaid rolls in South Carolina under Haley’s leadership?

Specifically, will he explain how South Carolina’s sixteen percent Medicaid growth rate for the coming fiscal year – which is more than triple the Medicaid expansion rate in non-Obamacare states – is “conservative?”

Again … don’t hold your breath.

Speight is a nice guy and a good writer, but our prediction is his blog will do little more than further devalue the meaning of the word “conservative.”  Assuming it means anything at all these days.

Nonetheless, Speight occasionally gets good dirt on us … and he always spells our name right when he’s venting his spleen (which we insist upon as it relates to our many critics). And with Haley engaged in what could be a competitive 2014 election, he’s likely to be well-fed by the governor’s press shop – and the Republican National Committee – portending some legitimate news value to his operation.

Oh well … welcome back, Spy.

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