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Dear Republicans,

I want to provide you with the state of our Party, and let you know where I stand on the issues. The State Republican Party has been managed as follows during the past 2 years:

Last year, 113 Republican candidates were left off the primary ballot because of a paperwork filing mistake by Chad Connelly.

There was $216,000 in the Party’s operating account when Connelly was elected Chairman. Now, we have only $6,000 left in the operating account, and there is only $47 left in the campaign account.

The Party was debt free when Connelly took over. Now, we have debt of $340,000. In the past 2 years, the Party has spent $550,000 more than it has taken in through contributions.

Ed Harris got 51 percent of the vote in the Republican primary for a State House seat in Pickens County. Because of a mistake, Connelly declared the man with 49 percent of the vote the winner of the primary.

The Party spent $366,000 in legal fees in the past two years. The Party spent more on legal fees than it spent on get out the vote operations and advertising – combined.

Chad Connelly has publicly endorsed legislation that would take candidate filings away from the Party. He has also publicly supported legislation that would take away our ability to set the date of the Presidential Preference Primary.

We are so poor that the taxpayers spent $1,000,000 to bail out the Party last year because we did not have the money to fund our operations. Gov. Haley vetoed the appropriation, but Connelly got the Legislature to override the veto.

Chad Connelly has been given the list of delegates to the convention and their contact information by the SCGOP; however, Connelly instructed the Party to not give me the list of delegates so that I could not contact the delegates and get my message out. Do you think it is fair that Connelly was given the list by the SCGOP, but I was denied the list? Shouldn’t the challenger and incumbent have equal access?

When I was the Chairman of Greenville County, the County Party did not incur any debt and all of the candidates made it onto the ballot. The County Party had the largest precinct reorganization in the State for the past 20 years and 1,069 people came to the precinct meetings. I ask that you support a change in management of the State Party. Please vote for Samuel Harms this Saturday. If I am elected as your next chairman, I promise that:

1. The Party will only spend the money that it has in the bank. We will not take out any more loans. I will raise the money that it takes to operate the Party.

2. The candidate filing documents will be audited by the State Party to make sure that all of the paperwork complies with the law.

3. If a candidate gets 51 percent of the vote in the primary, that candidate will be considered the winner of the primary.

4. The Party will not accept any taxpayer bailouts from the government. It is unwise for private organizations, such as the Republican Party, to take money from the government.

Again, I ask for your support and a change in management at the SCGOP.


Sam Harms