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Affair Site Uses Mark Sanford On Billboard



Ashley Madison – a website which specializes in the facilitation of extramarital affairs – is using former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford as its latest promotional tool. And a cautionary tale …

According to The Politico, the site spent $6,000 on a billboard urging Lowcountry, South Carolina residents to avoid the same mistake Sanford made by using to schedule their illicit liaisons.

“Next time use to find your running mate,” declares the double-stacked billboard, located on a busy stretch of Interstate 26 just outside of Charleston, S.C.

Take a look …

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sanford billboard

Pic: Ashley Madison

The billboard also includes the website’s tagline, “Life is Short. Have an Affair.”

Sanford is in the midst of attempting a political comeback from the 2009 sex scandal that destroyed his presidential aspirations and nearly cost him his job as governor.

How’s he doing?

Not so hot … after taking a slim lead over his Democratic rival – former six-figure taxpayer-funded bureaucrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch – Sanford was popped by his ex-wife with allegations of trespassing on her property in violation of the couple’s 2010 divorce decree.

The flood of bad press from that allegation – and Sanford’s mishandling of it – have handed Colbert-Busch a nine-point lead in the polls.

Sanford also did himself no favors with a lackluster performance in a head-to-head debate with Colbert-Busch earlier this week … (Official Site)