We don’t give a rat’s ass how South Carolina Republicans select their candidates for public office. We want the Republican Party to die, remember? Accordingly they (and the Democrats, for that matter) can draw straws or play tiddlywinks for all we care. Or they can continue their current method of bald-faced lying to our state’s mouth breathing majority in the hopes no one will ever be the wiser (and given the status of our worst-in-the-nation government-run education monopoly, that’s a safe bet).

Anyway, while we may have a devil-may-care view of the SCGOP, others view it as something that’s still worth fighting for.

In fact The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper created a furor this week when it ran an article suggesting unnamed conservative activists were trying to eliminate the party’s popular primary election method in favor of holding a convention vote (i.e. disenfranchising primary voters so that a handful of activists could pick the party’s nominees for the November elections).

“A small group of S.C. Republicans is trying to change the way the GOP chooses its candidates so that they are selected by the state party’s convention delegates, not primary voters, Republican Party leaders say,” the paper reported.

But is this really happening?

Of course not … the whole thing is an establishment ploy aimed at demonizing a small handful of fiscally conservative activists.

“No one is trying to end primaries and certainly no one is attempting to eliminate the South Carolina Presidential Preference Primary,” Greenville, S.C. attorney Stephen Brown on his Facebook page.

Brown was one of the activists accused of masterminding the plot.

Anyway, Beam’s story drew the ire of Lin Bennett, the ethically challenged first vice chairwoman of the S.C. Republican Party. A longtime hatchet woman for establishment politicians like S.C. Speaker Bobby Harrell (RINO-Charleston) and Chip Limehouse (RINO-Charleston) – Bennett always seems to be on multiple sides of the same issue (like her evolving positions on S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley).

This issue is no different. Courtesy of We The People SC, here’s what Bennett had to say about The State‘s article …

Speaking of power and control … have you seen the State newspaper article today about a group, billing themselves as conservative, who want to take away your right to vote in primaries and give it to a bunch of ‘elitists’? Back to the smoke filled back rooms of yesteryear?

Elitists? Smoke-filled back rooms? Oh my …

Again, we’re not sure if Bennett’s right or wrong (nor do we care) but here’s the thing: Less than a year ago she was championing this method of candidate selection. Take a look …

“Let’s start campaigning for selection of our candidates by convention in two years. We have plenty of time to organize that. We need to send some of the ‘bleeps’ a message!” (See screen capture.)

“Let them know… round, in 2014, we are picking our candidates via convention. Plain and simple. I will work like heck to make that happen. Promise.” (See screen capture.)

“It is already in the State Code that party candidates can be selected at convention. If you have seen the filing forms, you’ll note that one of the boxes says “Primary/Convention”. We do have that option. Right now we write in Primary.. In two years we are going to be writing in Convention.” (See screen capture.)

“Be sure to tell them the SC Executive will use convention in two years if they don’t get this bill passed.” (See screen capture.)

“The greedy Dems have set the precedent that STATEs have a responsbility to pay for elections. But I will let you know that if this does not get passed, I will be lobbying STRONGLY to pick candidates by Convention in two years.” (See screen capture.)

Such is the sad state of the SCGOP in 2013: Shamelessly fabricating a proposal for the sole purpose of condemning it, even though its own leaders endorsed the exact same proposal less than a year earlier.

WTF, “Republicans?”

Now tell us … why do “conservatives” want to be affiliated with this party again?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There will never be a legitimate voice for free market ideology, taxpayer protection and individual liberty in South Carolina (or in Washington, D.C. for that matter) until the Republican Party goes the way of the Woolly Mammoth. The sooner these so-called “conservatives” realize this, the sooner they can stop spinning their wheels and start working to elect candidates willing to be judged on their merits as opposed to their party affiliation.