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Holy Harpootlian!



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First of all, our apologies. We don’t miss much around here, but we’re absolutely kicking ourselves for missing this …

For reasons we will be investigating internally in the coming days, it took our crack staff until this weekend to learn that bomb-throwing S.C. Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian has a bombshell for a daughter.

Seriously … this is our bread and butter, people. How in the hell did we miss something like this?

Kate Harpootlian is smoking hot (with or without makeup) and she’s build like a damn brick barnyard, too – all of which is probably why she’s a professional model. Oh, and when we say “smoking hot,” we mean literally …

(Click to enlarge)

harpo smoking

Wowzas …

To tour Harpootlian’s official site (which contains dozens of gorgeous pics like this one and this one), click here … you won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime we’ll be hoping Kate’s dad doesn’t decide to get too literal on us with the whole “bomb-throwing” thing.



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