A Midlands, S.C. school district has confirmed that an assistant principal and guidance counselor at one of its largest high schools are under investigation for  “inappropriate use of technology” in conjunction with an alleged extramarital affair.

Lexington High School assistant principal Joedy Moots and guidance counselor Alyson Bokor (above) have been placed on administrative leave after a mass email with inappropriate images was sent to dozens of district employees – exposing their rumored relationship. The original email – which sources tell FITS was authored by Bokor’s husband – contained emails between Moots and Bokor exchanged via taxpayer-funded email addresses using taxpayer provided equipment.

“The use of technology is a privilege, not a right,” Lexington School District One spokeswoman Mary Beth Hill told FITS in response to our exclusive report on the emails.

Hill provided FITS with a heavily redacted version of the original email – which features Moots and Bokor discussing a labrador retriever they planned to own as a couple. Bokor is a married mother of two. In fact one of her children attends Lexington High School. Moots’ marital status was unknown as of this writing.

“Sooo cute!!!!” Bokor wrote to Moots regarding the labrodor. “We are going to have one of these!”

“I can’t wait for our first dog together,” Moots writes back.

“Me too,” Bokor responds. “Sorry to keep bugging you. I just miss you (sad face).”

Awwwww …

Joedy Moots

Obviously these two are no “Nala and Simba” (remember those two bureaucratic lovers?), but there’s clearly a connection between them – one that should have never been discussed let alone hinted at over taxpayer-funded devices.

Another email included in the mass blast contained several images, but the district has declined to release these images “because they are part of the investigation into inappropriate use of technology.” FITS is still endeavoring to obtain an original, non-redacted version of the email.

Friends of Bokor describe her as a “beautiful woman” and a “wonderful mom,” and refer to these developments as “an absolute shame.”

As for the school employees who received the email, a source close to the school tells FITS that most deleted it because they “didn’t want to be involved.”