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By “The Voice || This must-see report from WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.) about Sumter County’s wasteful school district bureaucrats makes it very clear why parents, teachers and students are feeling angry and ignored.  Sumter teachers have been forced to pay out-of-pocket for necessary classroom supplies while district leadership burns through taxpayer funds on travel, food, and lavish salaries for non-teaching bureaucrats.

Here are a few of the wasteful expenditures that have teachers, parents and students demanding a change:

– $12,000 on administrative travel, including stays at the Beau Rivage Hotel Casino

– $887 on Chic-fil-a, $500 on Arby’s, $1,400 at Simply Southern Bistro, and $1,000 at another local catering company. Administrators claimed it was for staff development, so why are teachers saying they never saw the food?

– A whopping eight administrators in the Sumter district office make over $100,000. Seven make more than $90,000, and six make over $80,000 annually. A teacher with a bachelor’s degree and 30 years of experience only makes $47,630.

Perhaps most offensive is that following the public outcry over the waste in the district, the Sumter School District School Board refused to allow public participation at a packed-out school board meeting (read more about that here).

Also, click here to read the anonymous letter sent to WIS by a Sumter teacher. The accusations of waste on the part of Superintendent Bynum are jaw-dropping.

But hey … “it’s all about the kids,” right?


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