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Welcome to “the wire,” our pseudo-regular effort to engage the tips, comments and questions we receive here at FITS News.  As we continue working to improve this format (and prepare for the rollout of FITS 3.0) keep your tips, comments and questions coming!

Also check back later in the day as we sometimes add new items to the mix.

To the wire!



You keep talking about this “FITS 3.0.”  When will we see it?

FITS: Our founding editor looked at some updated mockups for new site this weekend and provided his feedback.  We hope to have the new version up and running by the end of the month.  It looks good!  We think  our readers will approve …



(Re: this story): Sic em Willie – it is easy to tell some of the same idiots that run loose in Washington have relatives here.  Add 65,000 to the rolls even if they do not qualify? I thought she said SC was not going to participate in the Medicaid program?

FITS: Yup … Nikki Haley HATES the federal government except when she’s expanding its reach into our state.



I just heard on WTMA in Charleston that 53 percent of children in SC are on Medicaid??? Shocking! Talk about a dysfunctional state government. And it appears Nikki Haley doesn’t care about the increasing homeless population, either!

FITS: The statistic you heard may have been the percentage of live births in South Carolina that are covered by Medicaid.  Last time we checked it was over 50 percent.  As a cabinet agency, the S.C. Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) does not respond to our media requests per the order of the governor’s office.  We do have several moles at the agency, though, and will reach out to them this week in an effort to get the latest numbers.



THANK YOU for your latest piece on Bobby Harrell.  I am glad there is at least one news outlet in this state that is standing up to this lying thug.  Godspeed to Mrs. Dudley! 

FITS: You’re welcome.



Read your vanishing scandal piece.  Is that it?  Is this over? Are we Lexingtonians going to be forever stuck with this redneck mafia?

FITS: We’re told that an undetermined number of heads WILL roll as a result of the exposure of the “ring” – a cabal of crooked cops and corrupt politicians who are said to be running an illegal video poker operation in Lexington County, S.C.  It’s doubtful anything will take place before the November 6 elections, but our sources say there will be at least some level of accountability in the wake of all the recent revelations.



Lexington, S.C. Mayor T. Randall “Randy” Halfacre, who is thick as thieves with (disgraced town council member) Danny Frazier, has a big week ahead of him. If you put a tail on him you might find out the scoop. 

FITS: We’re hearing some buzz about that, too …



Forget the “ring” I want to see more of Lexington County Council candidate Megan Hutto on your site!

FITS: Your wish is our command.  Here’s Megan (in a pair of tight jeans) at a recent meet and greet in Gaston, S.C.



Where can I go to object to what FitsNews, emulating Ron Morris, apparently believes to be the One True Version of the Spurrier-Morris story? In your version, which you generously label “unfair/imbalanced” (though it doesn’t read like you guys think so), we get a lecture in which the only thing Ron did wrong was bring up Penn State. 

Otherwise, no problem, so I guess his not-quite-full-time project of porcupining Spurrier to death day after day, by print and broadcast, should be fine by all, even if bile constitutes much of what he injects into the conversation? And if Coach doesn’t like it, then the whole of journalism. or whatever part of it is still standing, will topple because a critter as lonely and unstable as a football coach is throwing his weight around to get another critter to quit gnawing on his neck. 

And if the critter on top doesn’t jump down out of the kindness of his heart, the bitten and beleaguered beast down below gets called for pitching “a hissy-fit,” not for reacting the way most humans would react if similarly gnawed on, even maybe if they were Ron Morris himself. And we’ve got to bring Ron into it, since he’s still the sportsman here, the guy who plays by the rules and never pitched even one hissy-fit in print that anybody knows about. 

So he’s the offended critter despite the fact that even a four-legged animal in his job would have figured out seasons ago that in any kind of fair fight with Steve Spurrier, in whom the whole epic and saga of Gamecockness is now vested, he’s got the chances of an astygmatic gnat. But I guess that info isn’t worth taking to heart if your right to have your opinions distributed as God’s truth has to step aside for a lowly coach who objects to being pilloried in print most days of his life, or whatever the record shows the facts to be. 

In which case, you just gotta strap on your journalistic armor and wait for the scales of justice to make you the winner. So I reckon Ron’s legal pad, or whatever he uses to take notes, contains every word in the U.S. Constitution about what constitutes fair and admissible behavior in a football coach. 

And next to that it says it’s fair and balanced for a sports writer to keep jab-jab-jabbing away at a guy who, on behalf of a fair number of Ron’s readers, is trying to to jump a whole Barnum and Bailey circus of fire-breathing football prima donnas through a fiery hoop every Saturday, while at the same time Ron’s checking to see if his last jab punctured a virtual lung as well as whether, doggone it, the real actual lung is still exhaling normally in spite of him.

FITS: Good feedback … thanks.



This was truly a thing of beauty …

FITS: Excellent … the only thing that sucks about that clip is having to listen to Todd Ellis call the action.  “Oh hurt me?” Jeez …



You guys had a great write up of Clemson’s season opening win over Auburn and I remember several stories posted since then on your site.  Where was the recap of the Georgia Tech win? Clemson is the number thirteen team in the country.  Why are you ignoring them?

FITS: We’ll cover Clemson again the next time they play somebody worth a damn … Boston College and Georgia Tech don’t count.



Have you seen this?

FITS: Ah, young “Republicans …”



Surprised you haven’t written on this yet …

FITS: Good for Ron Paul …



Vice Chancellor Jeanne Skul’s salary and benefits at USC Upstate are nearly $200,000 a year.  She lives in Wisconsin and is on campus one week a month at the most.*&lname=skul*&facstaff=Both*&lname=skul*&facstaff=Both

FITS:  Waste and unnecessary spending?  At a South Carolina institution of “higher learning?”  Surely you jest …



Apparently your “Door to Nowhere” story has some truth. from a very, very reliable source … the bureaucrat you called out is /was sleeping with the person over the entire unemployment operations of the agency.  He is finance manager/director or whatever. She is over all of that money … isn’t that a MAJOR no no?????

FITS:  Our story didn’t “have some truth” it was the truth.  And as for the affair we’ve known about that for some time but didn’t print it because to be perfectly honest two bureaucrats boning each other is hardly newsworthy.  We have, however, been told in recent days that this alleged affair is impacting agency policy … which is when we make things like that our business.



How did you not link to this?  This is awesome.

FITS:  Can’t wait to see her mug shot …



Wonder if this will come into play relating to that Boy Scout lawsuit you guys wrote about last month.

Secret Boy Scout files reveal pattern of child molestation

FITS: Very sad.


… to super hot mom (and super talented lobbyist) Lisa McGill.


SOUTH CAROLINA FAST FACT:  The title of jazz trumpeter/ composer/ bandleader extraordinaire Dizzy Gillespie’s autobiography was To Bop Or Not To Bop.  Gillespie, a Bebop legend, was born in Cheraw, S.C. in 1917 – the youngest of nine children.


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