Looking for an alternative to the “heard-it-all-before” rhetoric of a two-party presidential debate?  Interested in hearing ideas that will benefit all classes as opposed to pandering to one class?  Hungry for proven ideas as opposed to “hope and change” or “take America back” soundbites?  Want to meet a candidate with an actual record of doing what he says as opposed to saying one thing and doing another?

If any of that sounds appealing, then check out former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson – the presidential candidate Barack Obama and Mitt Romney refuse to let debate with them in Denver, Colorado.

This website has always been a fan of Johnson’s … (um, that didn’t come out quite right) … who spent eight years as a governor who actually walked the walk on limited government.  While in office, Johnson used his veto pen more than the rest of the nation’s forty-nine governors … combined. What did he use it for?  To block tax hikes, slash government growth in half and eliminate his state’s budget deficit.

You know … the stuff “conservative” governors like Nikki Haley only talk about doing.

“An aggressive supporter of universal parental choice and a outspoken critic of America’s failed ‘War on Drugs,’ Johnson is exactly the sort of principled, articulate advocate for limited government that the 2012 presidential debate needs,” we wrote earlier this year, “which is precisely why the unprincipled purveyors of our nation’s debt-addled ‘bipartisanshit’ will never allow him to participate in that debate.”

We were right …

Fortunately, Johnson is taking matters into his own hands … or fingertips.

The Libertarian Party nominee will be “live-tweeting” the debate … and you can access his observations and responses by clicking on his Twitter page, @GovGaryJohnson, or by visiting his website.