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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley may claim to “know the value of a dollar,” but her cabinet agencies clearly don’t …

In fact one of the top executives at Haley’s so-called “jobs” agency allegedly spent $5,000 on a door to nowhere.  Or to be more precise, he instructed his agency to spend $5,000 on a door that was never installed.

S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) finance director Don Grant – who makes $97,400 a year (not counting benefits) – reportedly ordered a door installed between his office and the agency’s conference room, which is a mere ten feet away.  Grant is said to have abandoned the idea when one of his colleagues questioned the expense.

Of course at that point, the door had already been purchased.

“No one is (allowed) to speak about this,” a source at the agency tells FITS, adding that “the $5000 door is still sitting in the warehouse.”

Niiiiice.  FITS reached out to Grant seeking comment, but per the standing policy of the Haley administration our inquiries were ignored.

Anyway, to read our latest report on this total waste of a state agency, click here.

Also, stay tuned for much, much more on this embattled bureaucracy … we’ve got tips galore related to how its leaders are wasting tax dollars.