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Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty – one of the cookie cutter “conservatives” who sought the 2012 Republican presidential nomination – is resigning his position with GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign to become a lobbyist for the Financial Services Roundtable, which represents big Wall Street banks before the federal government.

So let’s get this straight … the guy who slammed the 2008 Wall Street bailouts is now going to lobby for the people who received them?

Unreal …

“Folks at the top get a bailout, and the rest of us get our wallets out,” Pawlenty wrote in his campaign manifesto Courage To Stand. “When the rain started to fall on America’s picnic, Washington hung up a big old plastic tarp to protect us from the deluge … Good intentions? Maybe. But a bad decision. The problem was, the rain just kept coming. The tarp started sagging in the middle and filling up with water. Poke it with a broom handle all you want, try to drain some of that rainwater over the sides, but the blanket below is getting awfully wet in the meantime. Everyone can see the tarp’s starting to tear at the seams, and we’ve run out of duct tape. This whole thing’s going to collapse-and the picnic will simply be over. Time for a new plan.”

Of course when the bailouts were actually being voted on in 2008, Pawlenty made the rounds on all the D.C. talk shows defending U.S. Sen. John McCain’s support for them.

What a typical “Republican …”

Selling out is obviously nothing new for Pawlenty.  Remember, a year ago he endorsed Mitt Romney – the candidate whose failed socialized medicine plan he spent weeks bashing in a desperate attempt to be the “anti-Romney” of the 2012 field.

Oh. and in case you’re keeping score at home (here in South Carolina), Pawlenty’s 2012 pollster was none other than Jon Lerner – the Maryland-based political consultant who advises S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley (and the “Movement, Inc.” political action committee that’s affiliated with her).

Sheesh …

God help us from these “conservatives …”