Can’t wait to cast your ballot in the 2012 presidential election? If so then there’s something seriously wrong with you.  This race has boiled down to (another) choice between the lesser of two special interest-fed neo-fascists … further evidence of the false dichotomy we keep being spoon-fed from the purveyors of “bipartisanshit” in Washington, D.C.

Nonetheless, assuming you believe there’s actually some tangible difference between Willard Hussein and, um, the other guy, then here’s your chance to show your support …

7/11 is sponsoring a national coffee cup election that lets its customers display their presidential preference on their morning joe … (unless of course your preference is an alternative to our ongoing two-party disaster).

The convenience store chain even has a nifty electoral map up that tracks how U.S. President Barack Obama and “Republican” presidential nominee Mitt Romney are faring among the caffeinated masses.  Currently Obama is leading Romney by a 58-42 percent margin – leading in all states except Idaho and West Virginia.

Even 7/11 customers in South Carolina are currently favoring Obama (albeit by a narrow 51-49 percent margin).

Hmmm … maybe we really are a swing state after all?

To view the map, just click on the link below …