A veteran Palmetto political operative/ lobbyist (and former staffer to U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham) is urging former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to quit his presidential campaign …

“Governor Romney, quit now. End your campaign today,” writes longtime South Carolina politico Shell Suber. “You’re a smart guy. You can read a poll and you know when a political campaign over. At this point even a huge crisis (Eurozone / Middle East) probably will not change things by Election Day. This political campaign is over.”

Of course Suber isn’t really saying Romney should quit … he’s saying he should try something different.

Stop running a political campaign and start applying for the job as Chief Executive of the US Government,” Suber continues. “Stop treating this as a political campaign. This is a job interview. Stop giving the same tired political stump speech over and over – changing a line here and there to fit that day’s news cycle. Change everything. You are one of the world’s most accomplished CEOs and you are addressing the shareholders of the largest company in the world. Convince them to hire you. Sell them on why they must hire you before it’s too late.”

In fact Suber has drafted a speech for Romney to give … which if you’re into that sort of thing you can read for yourself over on The Carolina Soapbox, which we assume is a website where people less important than us go to share their opinions.

Anyway …

We would be remiss at this point not to remind people that Romney was chosen by Republican primary voters for his “electability.”  He sure as hell wasn’t picked on the basis of his ideology (assuming that’s something that can ever be conclusively nailed down).

This website has consistently debunked the notion of Romney’s electability … while consistently exposing him for his ongoing betrayal of the fiscal values the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.  He may yet win the presidential race … but that’s unlikely to have any impact on the bottom line of Americans struggling to overcome decades of “bipartisanshit” coming out of Washington, D.C.