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The wife of a prominent South Carolina politician reportedly stars in a homemade sex tape with one of her lovers – the latest example of the Palmetto State’s lust for, well, lust.  FITS has yet to be provided with a copy of the tape – or the name of the political wife allegedly involved in its, um, “production” – although we have been provided with several images that are said to be associated with the explicit footage.

None of the images we’ve been provided with at this point feature any nudity (meaning they are all “safe for work”), although we are told that far racier images – and footage – is forthcoming.  Oh and get this:  we’re also told that the sex tape may have been made with the knowledge and consent of the politician – and that the couple involved may be part of a high-powered political swingers group we briefly touched upon last March.

Yeah …

So, what are we going to do with this information?  Probably nothing …

Why not?  Well, first of all we’re teases … and second of all we believe that people ought to be able to “get their freak on” however they like, assuming of course that no tax dollars are being wasted and there’s no glaring hypocrisy associated with the kinkiness.

To each their own, right?

Anyway, below are the PG-13 images we were provided …

(Click to enlarge)