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Mike Forrester = What’s Wrong With SC




S.C. Rep. Mike Forrester (RINO-Spartanburg) isn’t your typical “big government Republican.”  He’s much worse.  He’s a member of the infamous “Spartanburg Six,” a group of Upstate lawmakers who have habitually voted to dump more money into our state’s failed public education establishment.  He’s also one of the most fiscally liberal members of the S.C. General Assembly, earning failing grades on multiple limited government scorecards (here, here and here).

But why would a “Republican” – particularly one in the conservative Upstate – so slavishly support government growth?

That’s easy:  Government is paying Forrester’s bills.

In addition to his annual legislative income – which has exceeded $20,000 in each of the last three years  – Forrester (under the name “Paul” Forrester) is also pulling down $88,391 a year from Spartanburg Technical College (a.k.a. “Spartanburg Community College”).

What does Forrester do, exactly?  According to his legislative bio he’s an “economic developer” – although he makes no mention of the fact that he’s employed by a taxpayer-funded agency.

Wait … what?  That’s right … for reasons surpassing understanding, Spartanburg Community College runs a “Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Development” at its Tyger River Campus (one of four campus locations the school currently maintains).  In other words this “Republican” is nothing but a six figure legislator-bureaucrat.  And not only that, Forrester’s salary appears to have soared in recent years – as he only reported receiving $58,894 from the school on his 2011 statement of economic interests.

Crazy, isn’t it?

And this guy has the audacity to call himself a “conservative,” one who is fighting for “economic freedom …”

Please …

We knew “Republicans” in South Carolina were all about ballooning the size of state government to fund their various “economic development” schemes (such as this one) … we just didn’t know they were brazen enough to hire themselves in the process.

Wanna know why our state continues down the same failed path year after year after year?  Blowing larger and larger sums of your money? “Republicans” like Mike Forrester … that’s why.


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