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South Carolina TV Producer’s Mitt Romney Joke Draws Fire




A producer for the Fox News affiliate in Greenville-Spartanburg, S.C. – one of the most socially conservative media markets in the nation – is in hot water after posting an offensive picture of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on his Facebook Page.

Ben Blanton – who produces the morning news show for WHNS TV 21 (FOX – Greenville, S.C.) – posted an image of Romney that said “I BELIEVE … THAT THE GARDEN OF EDEN IS IN JACKSON COUNTY MISSOURI.”  The image was accompanied by Blanton’s own caption: “Mormon 2012!”

Joseph Smith – the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – believed that the biblical Garden of Eden was located in Jackson County.  In fact Smith intended to found a “New Jerusalem” on the border of Missouri and Kansas.

Anyway, first here’s the image …

(Click to enlarge)

And here it is featured on Blanton’s page …

(Click to enlarge)

Needless to say, Republicans were livid …

“I find it particularly unprofessional that the producer for the morning news TV show on the FOX affiliate in Greenville would post this on his Facebook page on the day Mitt Romney is to accept his party’s nomination,” a member of the South Carolina GOP delegation told FITS.

Representatives of WHNS were not immediately available for comment.

Obviously Blanton isn’t the first South Carolinian in a visible/ influential position to poke fun at Mormonism.  S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom – a Republican who is attending this week’s national convention in Florida – referred to former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as a “friggin Mormon” on a voicemail left on the answering machine of his longtime lover.

(To listen to the audio, click here).

As we noted the last time this issue reared its ugly head, “we don’t care if Mormonism is a cult (theological or otherwise). We care that Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts was atrocious – and that his record features very little to distinguish him from U.S. President Barack Obama.”


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