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We’ve written sparingly about the successful American intelligence mission to whack terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden because, as it turns out, very few people care about it  …

Sure for a few hours it was like “hip hip hooray! USA! USA!” but then everybody went back to worrying about how broke they are … and how the federal government’s policies (which are supported by both parties in Washington, D.C.) aren’t doing a whole helluva lot to “stimulate” their income levels or their job prospects.

In fact the whacking of Osama was – for all intents and purposes – a non-event.

Don’t get us wrong, we gave credit to U.S. President Barack Obama for authorizing the mission – but his rush to take that credit distorted the narrative of the raid and limited the value of the intelligence it obtained.  More to the point, we gave props to the covert operators who carried out the mission – the famed “Seal Team Six.”

Obviously we think it’s substantially less than classy for Obama to try and score political points off of the raid (or imply that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney might not have had the balls to pull the trigger), but we also think it’s less than classy that one of the Seal Team members has published a tell-all from the mission under a pen name.

According to Fox News, Seal Team 6 member Matt Bissonnette of Wrangell, Alaska has written a book about the mission under the pen name Mark Owen.  In his book, co-written with author Kevin Maurer, Bissonnette claims to “to set the record straight about one of the most important missions in U.S. military history.”

At least one of them was there, we suppose …

Incidentally, we’re still waiting on proof of death from this mission … which is the least the government could do seeing as our tax dollars paid for it.  Of course we’re not waiting with baited breath … which goes back to the whole point of this post.

Whacking Osama just hasn’t been the lasting story many people thought (hoped) it would be …