In case you didn’t know it, Tim Tebow loves Jesus … and Jesus loves Tim Tebow. And everybody loves “Tebowing …” still.

(Well … everybody except John Elway).

Why then would Tebow – the “Wildcat” quarterback for the New York Jets – strike a shirtless “Jesus Christ pose” on a magazine cover?  Doesn’t he know that’s blasphemous?  Of course he does … which is why the picture of him included in the September editions of GQ magazine is so misleading.

First take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

 Easy, ladies … easy.

The pic is from an article entitled “Have You Accepted Tim Tebow as Your QB and Sunday Savior?”  And while it didn’t appear on the cover of the publication, it was the lead image for the story and was included in the website’s photo gallery.

Reaction has been swift and intense.

One radio host referred to Tebow’s pose as “fraudulent,” “disgusting” and “egotistical.”  Meanwhile a Yahoo! Sports columnist chided Tebow saying he “may have gone too far on this one.”

Here’s the thing though … the original pic was snapped several years ago when Tebow was still quarterback at the University of Florida, and the image has been photoshopped to remove Gator colors and signage.

So … if there’s controversy to be had, why didn’t we have it three years ago?  Also it’s pretty obvious that Tebow is stretching … not posing and certainly not assigning divine import unto himself.

Controversy?  No … nontroversy.

Of course it’s not like sports radio or internet columnists (except for this one obviously) ever let the facts get in the way of a good spleen venting.