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Welcome to “the wire,” our pseudo-regular effort to engage the tips, comments and questions we receive here at FITS News.  While we continue perfecting this new format (and our forthcoming website overhaul) keep your tips, comments and questions coming!

Also be sure and check back during the day as we occasionally add new items to the mix …

To the wire!



COMMENT: You called it. Here’s the WIS report on the Lexington Ring.  Two more reports are coming. They nailed it.  Nice work to all of you for exposing this. 

FITS: Yeah … for a station that usually watches the pitch go by (or swings and misses), WIS is hitting this one out of the park.  Can anybody say local Emmy?



TIP: Besides Danny Frazier, there are four to keep your eye on. Tony Kokolis, Chris Kokolis (his son), (Sheriff James) Metts, and  Lanny Gunter.  Tony’s party shop has had video poker for many years, but word is other big betting is going on.  Metts is tight with Tony and is often at Tony’s lake house.  Chris and Lanny own the Wild Hare restaurants.  Lanny is Chris’s bro-in-law and allegedly a big time bookie, as was his dad.  His dad was the biggest bookie in the state of South Carolina at one time it’s said.  The FBI has reportedly questioned them and word on the street is that they suspect a tie to gambling related murders.  Chris seemingly ran out of money and bounced many checks to employees of his construction company mid-April when he and Lanny didn’t “get a payment.”  By the way, they are reffered to around Lexington as the “Greek mafia.”

FITS: Wow … we’ll start digging.  This story has the potential to be huge, doesn’t it?



COMMENT: Was a bit surprised to see an article written by Nikki Haley appearing on this website. I thought you hated her? Also I thought you disagreed with her on the health insurance premium issue? Inquiring minds …

FITS: A source in her office forwarded us the piece and we thought it was well-written.  And we don’t necessarily disagree with Haley on the policy of this issue … we just think the whole debate is pointless given that none of that $5.8 million is ever going to make it back to the taxpayers.  Also we frequently run pieces from people whose opinions we don’t necessarily share.



TIP: I have a story you might be interested. It involves our beloved governor’s family and their business, Exotica.  My mother and grandmother both got their dresses from their store for my wedding – which happens to be next week.  Exotica called two days before the dresses were supposed to be picked up and tried to charge them almost twice as much in alterations.  When my mother and grandmother refused to pay the additional money they refused to give them their dresses.  I guess their taxes were coming due – nevermind, they don’t pay those.  If you’re interested in more of the details let me know. Ajit Randhawa is a crook just like her daughter.

FITS: Wow … we’re not surprised by the behavior, we’re just shocked to discover that the company has clothing customers.  As you may know that’s not their primary business model.



TIP: Rep. Chris Hart (also attorney) has multiple lawsuits pending against the State on behalf of his constituents using inside knowledge looking for settlements from the insurance reserve fund.

FITS: Wait … a lawyer/ legislators using insider info and influence to rip off taxpayers?  This happens every day at the S.C. State House (and it’s usually “Republicans” with their fingers in the cookie jar).  We have heard the rumors about Hart – particularly as it relates to the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).  In fact one of our sources at the latter agency tells us “lawyer legislators show up at the agency all the time representing clients.”  Send us whatever specifics you can find and we’ll be happy to investigate.



TIP: State Court of Cobb County, Georgia Civil Action 07A16705-6

FITS: Well, well, well … Robert Cahaly back in the news for failing to pay his bills?  Color us shocked …



COMMENT: There’s a lot more to the Folly Beach situation than just the incentive program you reported on.  Check out this article (its author shows you some love for your reporting).

FITS: Thanks!



COMMENT: Your story on the goings on at the USC-Upstate athletics department is about to open the floodgates. This place is a ticking time bomb!

FITS: Good! We prefer floodgates set to “open.”



TIP: Did you see this story? $2 billion in “green” loans for South Africa?  Please make Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham eat their support for this boondoggle!

FITS: Yup … this is a perfect example of why we opposed the reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank.  Unfortunately only Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney showed the courage to stand for the taxpayers on this issue.



QUESTION: It was nice to see you criticize a Democrat for a change but I have to ask: How hard are you rooting for Barack Obama to get reelected? Every word on this website is an attack against Republicans which is why Democratic Google ads are now popping up all over the place.  Be honest: You want Obama to win, don’t you? Just say it.

FITS: We want American liberties, economic freedom and tax dollars protected.  We don’t care about which party is in charge. As for 2012, we want to resurrect Calvin Coolidge and make him president for life …



TIP: Is this supposed to be funny?

FITS: Hmmmmm … we’ve seen a lot of disturbing, confusing political videos in our time … but that one takes the cake.  The music and production value is good, though.  Which makes you wonder all the more what the point of it was …



TIP: Enjoy …

FITS: WOW. And there went our productivity today …



COMMENT: You have to get Kathryn Dennis to do your 20×20 feature. Check out this pic from her latest shoot.

FITS: Damn …


SOUTH CAROLINA FAST FACT: Six Palmetto State governors (and three Confederate Generals) are among those buried at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, S.C.


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