Just as we predicted it would, local television station WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.) has officially busted a cap in the “Lexington Ring,” a video poker cabal based in the Midlands region of South Carolina that allegedly operates with the support of government officials and local law enforcement leaders.

To watch the station’s latest coverage of the cabal, click here.

Following up on reports published by The (Columbia, S.C.) Free Times and FITS (here and here), WIS reporter Jody Barr has sunk his teeth into the issue – seeking to determine who has been profiting from and providing cover for the operation.

Much of Barr’s reporting has been based on audio recordings that feature a Lexington, S.C. town councilman (and part-time Lexington County Sheriff’s Office employee) named Danny Frazier.  In these recordings, Frazier talks about having local law enforcement on “lockdown” regarding his illegal video poker operation.  He also reveals the involvement of local politicians – including Columbia, S.C. Mayor Steve Benjamin and State Senators Jakie Knotts (RINO-Lexington) and Ronnie Cromer (RINO-Newberry).

Frazier initially told reporters that he didn’t recall making any of the comments captured on the tape.  He later changed his story and admitted to making the comments, but claimed that he made up the whole video poker operation in an effort to make himself appear “important and influential.”

Yeah … right, dude.

Anyway, this week FITS received three audio recordings involving Danny Frazier – the first recordings that we have been provided related to this case (so far).

We have repeatedly asked to be provided with the entire three hours of unedited audio … but so far no one has provided us with that information.

FITS will be publishing a follow-up story soon about the recordings at the heart of this mushrooming scandal … so stay tuned for that report.  In the meantime, here are the three clips that we received.



(Click to play)

In the first recording, Frazier is on phone with his wife (Cynthia Frazier) inviting her to attend a lunch meeting with him and Kendall Corley, a former Obama for America operative.  According to Frazier, he is meeting with Corley in an effort to “get him to help us pull a zoning issue situation over in Columbia off of Millwood for one of these spots.”

“I got a problem,” Frazier says, indicating that Corley is “in with all the council members over there.”

Frazier’s wife, incidentally, is an employee with the City of Cayce, S.C. police department.



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In this audio file, Frazier is speaking with the person who surreptitiously recorded the conversations about getting his ex-wife a job with Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Donnie Myers.

“Me and my ex-wife get along fine,” Frazier says to the man.  “Hell I got her a job at the Solicitor’s office.”

So … why did their marriage break up?

“Wendy didn’t wanna fuck no more  … so I went fucking somewhere else,” Frazier says. “(Whooping) That’s all I gotta tell ya goddamn!”

Classy, classy, classy …



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In the third audio file, Frazier’s wife has joined her husband at the restaurant as he continues to make the sales pitch to the individual who recorded these conversations.

“All you do is provide a place for them to go,” Frazier tells him, referring to the poker machines.

Frazier and his wife discuss with him the optimum location for placing these machines.

“They wanna be in the back,” Frazier says of the players, referring to the need for privacy.

That’s when his wife chimes in …

“They love that … they love the button they push and where somebody comes to (them) and they don’t have to come out, they can stand there and do nothing but play and nobody sees (them) in there,” Cynthia Frazier says. “They love it.”