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S.C. First Gentleman Michael Haley – who is about to spend a year “in the rear with the gear” in Afghanistan – got to spend some time with the No. 14 (cough) Clemson University football team this week.

Haley – a “diversity officer” with the S.C. National Guard – appeared in combat fatigues at Clemson’s football practice on Thursday and was later invited to speak to the team by Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. ¬†Haley attended Clemson with his future wife Nimrata Randhawa (a.k.a. Nikki Haley) – shortly before she changed his first name from “William” to “Michael.”

Anyway you would think that Clemson’s football program would have learned its lesson when it comes to affiliating with the Haleys, but apparently not.

No word yet on what Haley told the team … although they should have a lot in common. ¬†After all, Clemson’s scheduled tilts against Boston College, Wake Forest, Duke and Maryland are every bit as formidable as Haley’s “agricultural irrigation supervisory” mission to Afghanistan.