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Like most supermodels, Robyn Lawley is tall – 1.88 meters (6-foot-2), to be precise.  Unlike most supermodels?  Lawley actually has some skin on ‘dem bones – rocking the bodaciously curvaceous measurements 36(D)-32-42.

Yeah … ba DAM.  “Even white boys got to shout.”

The 23-year-old Australian hottie is what is known as a “plus size” model … which means she’s “full-figured,” “outsized” or “extended size.”  Some would even say she’s “big.”  Technically though a “plus size” isn’t a woman at all –  it’s any item of clothing that’s over the standard U.S. size eight.  And while we don’t know what size Lawley wears, our guess is it’s probably north of that.

And trust us … that’s a wonderful thing.

As we’ve noted on numerous previous occasions (usually when showing love to Mad Men star Christina Hendricks), we think “full-figured” women are incredibly hot … in fact if given a choice we prefer “plus size” to emaciated, which is what far too many women with distorted body images look like these days.  Our founding editor used to call these skinny minnies “Philly cheesesteak girls” (as in they needed to start eating more Philly cheesesteaks and less salad and tofu).

Anyway, here’s Robyn … proof that “big” is berry, berry BERRY beautiful.

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