S.C. Sen. Lee Bright is reportedly paying an estimated $3,000 invoice submitted to his campaign by a printing company in Orangeburg, S.C.

Bright owes the company – Major Graphics – for direct mail, invitation, letterhead and envelope printing, but he has reporting been slack in settling his account (one of several delinquent bills associated with his recent GOP primary victory).  According to sources close to the company, Bright’s campaign finally agreed this week to settle the outstanding tab – but not without a little “encouragement.”

Specifically, we’re told that the owner of Major Graphics – Billy Reynolds – threatened to run a full-page advertisement in The Spartanburg Herald Journal if Bright didn’t cough up the cash he owed.

Damn …

Bright – who is putting out feelers for a possible U.S. Senate bid against incumbent “Republican” Lindsey Graham – has a sketchy personal financial history. In fact at last count he owed taxpayers an estimated $10,000 after his trucking business went bust.

Obviously we don’t hold any of that against Bright (it’s a tough economy, people) … and as we’ve noted on numerous occasions the Upstate Republican’s record of voting the right way on fiscal issues is unimpeachable.  In fact he’s probably the only state lawmaker we’ve ever encouraged to “handle his own finances the way he handles the people’s finances.”

Usually it’s the other way around …

Still, if Bright wants to take his political career to the next level he’s going to have to get his personal (and campaign) financial affairs in order.  Oh … and stop telling people that Jesus is the one encouraging him to challenge Graham.  Last time we checked, Jesus wasn’t an enabler of political aspirations – and he paid his bills on time.

UPDATE: Reynolds has reached out to FITS and claims that he is unaware of anyone from his business threatening to run an advertisement in the SHJ against Lee Bright.  Guess somebody got paid …